ATS® Reunion 2020: A Perfect Vision - January 23-26, 2020

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What People are Saying

It was really wonderful to spend time with so many of you at this year’s Reunion. I had an absolute blast! Huge thanks to the whole team involved in running this year’s festival, all the volunteers, the technicians and everyone who attended my workshops too. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you all!   – Philippa M


I had an amazing time here. Thank you all! ♡ – Silmara M


My first ATS Reunion did not disappoint and my heart is full after an amazing weekend of dance and sisterhood. Big love to everyone involved in producing this event, and thank you for all your hard work. Hoping to see all you lovelies again in Phoenix next year.  – Lisa B


The weekend at my very first ATS Reunion has been over for 2 days and I’m still beaming from such an incredible experience. I got the opportunity to learn from the most inspiring teachers, met and danced with the most amazing and friendly women I’ve ever met. Made new friends and bonded with my tribe. – Roxana C


On the last day, someone asked when I was going home. I thought for a second, pointed towards the event and said “this is home.” – Ana A


Wonderful weekend! Thank you for all the hard work to put on such an event! It truly is the inspiration and charge for another great year of ATS growth and dancing. We will need this even more the next few years just keep dancing and connecting. – Brigiett R


Ultimately, ATS Homecoming was a beacon of Hope. A reminder that within the swirl of darkness there is a Light that we can reach for, a Light that many hold reverently. A reminder of how many of us hold this container of safe space, empowerment, connection, and joy for others as well as for ourselves. – Jen M


I’ve been a dancer for 56 years. Never have I been to classes or seminars where there was not the undercurrent of narcissistic competition. ATS is the glorious exception. You are family before you enter the room. And that’s before the dancing even starts. Thank you, Carolena, for creating this field of flowers to play in. Thank you ATS teachers for never fencing off that field by telling me I’m not good enough to play in it. And, on an introverted note, I’m going through a new experience thanks to the Homecoming participants–hug deprivation. Love you all! – Shelby R


My heart is full of love, my head full of dance knowledge, my life full of gratitude. Endless love to Carolena Nericcio for making the world a better place and to Terri Allred and everyone who taught, attended and made Homecoming a loving and special place to be. Reunion 2018 …only 51 weeks away! – Kathy S


The community ATS is wonderful! I had no idea how much! I found a warm welcome, the smiles, the encouragement, the sense of community and a lot of goodwill around this universal language danced. It’s beautiful! Thanks again for all this, for those with whom we dance, for those for whom we dance to the music and the musicians for the land on which we dance, for our teachers, for our ancestors, for life. – Emile H


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