ATS® Reunion 2020 - January 23-26, 2020

Survey Results from 2017

I have compiled all of the data from the 135 of you who submitted follow up surveys to ATS® Homecoming 2017. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We take your feedback very seriously in the planning of the next year. For those data geeks who enjoy learning about these things, this is what you told us:

Favorite workshops:
Your favorite workshops were taught by Kae, Anita and Kristine.

Favorite instructors:
Your favorite instructors were Kae, Anita, Wendy, Kristine and Janet

Favorite things about HC:
Your favorite things about Homecoming are friends/community, workshops and the opening reception with Helm and open dance.

We heard that we could improve in a couple of areas:
– Less expensive and diverse food options
– Less people in rooms, specifically for props workshops
Of course, there were lots of little suggestions and we will take each one of them seriously!

Action steps on your feedback:
We already know that the food will be less expensive next year. We are working with the chef to lay out exact menus for each meal so that you will know what you are purchasing.

The packages for ATS® Reunion will come in TWO OPTIONS.

The first package will allow you to do food on your own. There are refrigerators and microwaves in each room so this will allow those on a thrifty budget to make their dollars stretch more. (Even if you bring your own food, you will still be invited to join everyone in the breakfast, lunch area for social time.)

The second option will be the package with all food included. If you chose that package, you will know exactly what you are getting and can plan accordingly. (UPDATED: See *all* the Optional Food Packages available!)

Stay tuned for the winner of the free weekend package next year. It will be one of the fabulous 135 people who submitted their survey by the deadline. We also hope to have the new web site up and running in the next couple of weeks with all of the information published.

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