ATS® Reunion 2020 - January 23-26, 2020

Recommendations for New Dancers

Are you a new belly dancer or worried you don’t have enough experience to attend ATS Reunion? Everyone is welcome! Dawn Grey has put together her recommendations for best classes to take for beginning dancers.

Early bird registration ends June 15. This is a great experience for dancers wanting to launch into the community!

ATS® Reunion 2018 – Workshops for Beginning ATS® Dancers

By Dawn Grey – Blissful Sunrise Belly Dance (originally posted on Facebook)

Thursday 03/30/2017 – Opening Reception

  • A chance to meet your fellow ATS® dancers see the poster session and have some great food and a Hafla with live music from Helm.

Friday 8:30am-9:30am – Warm Up Class

Friday 9:30am-11:30am

  • Picky Technique: Keep it 100% (Friday Plenary Session with Carolena)

Friday 1:00pm-3:00pm

  • Creating an ATS® Set (Dawn Ruckert)
    • This workshop will take you down the path of creating an ATS® set from the ground up. We will discuss music options, use of props, fast vs. slow, formations and much more! This workshop will be part discussion and part dance and will have you ready to perform an amazing set for your next event.
    • – OR –
  • Dancing Through the Ages (Rita Simon – Lecture)
    • This workshop is intended for ANY level of dancer. It falls into a “lecture” category, but is also experiential, and uses specific exercises to aid in participants’ ability to understand the concepts being presented. The workshop is designed to provide an anatomical and experiential approach to how the body works best in posture, breathing and movement. It is designed to help participants gain increased body awareness and understanding of fascial function, and recognition of ‘core’ and breath connectivity. The goal is that, through increased awareness of these principles, dancers will become more aware of how this all impacts their posture in their dance, AND in their everyday activities. This insight will help them to move more freely, be more wholly connected, and be less likely to experience injuries from habitually improper body mechanics.
    • -OR –
  • Drum Solo Rhythms – Sajat or Percussion (Helm – for those who are drummers)
    • Come and learn the six rhythms that make up 80% of most drum solos. Ling Shien will teach them on Sajat, Mark on percussion. By class end you will have a working knowledge of maqsoum, masmoudi kabir, malfouf, ayoub, and two haggala patterns. Highly recommended if you plan to take the Sajat-Percussion Duet workshop.

Friday 3:30pm-5:00pm

  • Pranify and Execute (Anita Lalwani and DeAnna Freeman)
    • We do not often think about our breathing patterns as we dance. Our prana, or life force energy, can be controlled to create a more powerful, energetic performance while also keeping us calm and increasing our stamina. We’ll learn the physical and mental aspects of prana and most importantly, the positive impact it can have on our ATS® practice and performance. This workshop is half breathing exercises with lecture and half drills and combinations to help you “pranify” your practice!
    • -OR-
  • What’s Up Chorus? (Kae Montgomery)
    • Let’s not forget about Chorus! The importance of Chorus is often over looked by dancers but it is noticed by audiences. Great Chorus work that adds to but doesn’t distract helps tie the whole performance together. Learn to pick the right movements at the right time and understand the importance of support in this formation. The participants should have basic understanding for Taxeem, Hand Floreo, Arm Undulations, Bodywave, Torso Twist, Circle Step, Reverse Turn, and Egyptian Step, Arabic Step, Pivot Bump and Choo Choo, and Shimmy Step Technique and drills.
    • -OR-
  • Pose and Panache: A guide to Preparing for Your Photo Shoot (Carrie Meyer – Lecture)
    • I am often asked by dancers “What do I need to do to be prepared for a photo shoot?” There are lots of little things that seriously add up to getting the most out of your time with a photographer! We will cover all of the following: Identifying what you want and NEED from your photo shoot; Communicating with your photographer; Planning costuming, props and details; What you should have with you at a shoot; What happens at the shoot itself; Action shots vs. “posed” shots; Finding the best angles and poses for you and your body. We will end the session with a brief opportunity to put what you’ve learned into action in front of the camera with Carrie as your guide!

Friday 5pm-5:30pm – Cool Down Class

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Saturday 8:30am-9:30am – Warm Up Class

Saturday 9:30am – 11:30am

  • Girdles for Goddesses (Anita Lalwani)
    • In ATS posture, we keep the rib cage lifted and the lower back long. In this mostly lecture workshop, we’ll look at what this means, in anatomical terms. We’ll study the bones, joints and muscles that comprise the two major girdles of the body–the shoulder girdle and the pelvic girdle. We’ll discuss some common skeletal variations that we see in dancers, and we’ll talk about how variations can affect our dancing. All levels.
    • -OR-
  • Every Last Drop (Angie Never)
    • In our rush to learn the newest steps, we sometimes forget to use our old favorites to their maximum potential. Other times, our minds go blank on stage and our bodies default to the same three or four moves with no end in sight. In this workshop, we’ll work on squeezing every last drop of elegance, beauty, and excitement out of some of the most loved Classic and Modern ATS® steps. Using a simple written shorthand, you’ll learn to highlight the true versatility of your movements and make the most of any stage you dance on.
    • -OR-
  • Face Value: The Captivating ATS® Face (Liz Malcom – Lecture)
    • Join Liz Malcom, director of Dala Tribal Dance Company, for a master class in ATS® performance makeup. Take your skills to the next level with this class which will cover fierce foundation with highlighting and contouring, enchanting eyes and brows, luscious lashes, luminous lips, and glitter glamor! This two-hour workshop is great for those new to stage makeup as well as those looking to refine their technique. Please bring your own makeup, lashes, brushes, and mirror. A list of recommended supplies will be provided to workshop attendees.

Saturday 1:00pm-3:00pm

  • From the Heart (DeAnna Freeman)
    • So much of what makes ATS® stunning is the isolation and uplifted ribcage in our dance. In this workshop, you will gain a deeper understanding behind the body mechanics and technique in our torso movements. Learn how to safely and effectively increase your range of motion and control for deeper torso movements including slow turns, rotations, undulations, laybacks, and more. We’ll also discuss the emotional aspects behind many of these movements and why they conjure certain feelings and passion in our dance. This workshop is suitable for all level ATS® dancers. (SSCE eligible)
    • -OR-
  • Practice Like a Pro (Angie Never – Lecture)
    • ATS® can be a hard dance to practice on your own. It’s easy to jump into a formation and practice with your tribe, but what do you do when it’s just you, your music, and your living room? In this workshop, you’ll learn to plan your week to include practices that don’t get skipped, create focused drills to create improvement in your personal technique, and use the intelligence of yoga and strength training to support the frequency of dancing you want to do. Participants should bring their calendars and a journal or notebook to create a plan that can enacted as soon as Reunion is over!

Saturday 3:30pm-5:00pm

  • Tribal Stylization and Exploration (Philippa Moirai)
    • This workshop focuses on the key concepts and stylisations of American Tribal Style® belly dance. Fun exercises and games will be explored, arming you with the tools to add some ATS® magic to your dance and enhance the connection with those you dance with. Note about this workshop: This is open to all levels and involves fun exercises as well as some technique, to get dancers to really think about all that comes into this dance form.
    • -OR-
  • Bounce Back From Mistakes (Kae Montgomery)
    • No matter how good you are mistakes in front of an audience are bound to happen. Acquiring quick and efficient recovery from mistakes is one of the most important skills an ATS® dancer should have. Learn vital techniques through various drills and exercises and you will stay cool and confident when s… happens!

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Sunday 8:30am-9:30am – Warm up Class

Sunday 9:30am-11:30am

  • Shape Up Your Shimmies (DeAnna Freeman)
    • A beautiful shimmy relies on contrasting elements throughout the body. Knowing which muscles to control and release throughout the lower body and how to make the move look big and bouncy, but remain isolated from the torso is key to a fabulous shimmy. We’ll review the anatomy behind what drives the shimmy and how to get the most out of your movement while maintaining the isolation for layering that makes this move so magical. Class will begin with a short anatomy lecture followed by a hip healthy warmup that prepares us for a variety of exciting and challenging shimmy drills using our favorite classic and modern ATS® movements.
    • -OR-
  • When You’re Smiling… (Kelly Beeston)
    • Our dance is about joyful celebration but when learning new steps, drilling or rehearsing we all too often forget to include our face as part of our practice. How often have you heard your teacher say, ‘don’t forget to smile”? Dancing makes us feel good, it brings us joy and that’s exactly what we want to convey to the audience but our face sometimes lets us down. What we practise in the classroom is what we will take on stage. We’ll be exploring our smiles and pleasant facial expressions to create a lasting ‘performance face’ for great stage presence using lots of drills, hints and tips, fun games and exercises to make your Zygomaticus Major and Orbicularis Oculi muscles ache. Absolutely guaranteed to put a smile on your face.
    • -OR-
  • Conflict Management for Belly Dancers (Terri Allred – Lecture)
    • This workshop will be created by the participants. Terri will email participants in advance to generate examples of conflict that they have dealt with or are dealing with in their dance lives. We will use these situations anonymously to learn about our own conflict management styles, resolving conflict and handling difficult people. Whether you are conflict-avoidant or just want to brush up on your skills, this workshop will allow you to discuss real-life situations and learn from them.

Sunday 12:30pm-2:30pm

  • Art of the Assist (Anita Lalwani)
    • Practice handing off the lead at the right time in the music so that everyone gets a chance to express the dramatic points in the music. All levels.
    • -OR-
  • ATS® Mind-meld (Jesse Stanbridge and Philippa Moirai)
    • ATS® is built around subtle cues, connection and trust. Like an everyday conversation, it is both collaborative and improvisational – everyone dancing is involved in the the conversational flow and no one knows exactly which way it will go. On the other hand, performing in front of an audience requires confidence and drive! In this workshop, we’ll work on switching from lead and follow in standard formations, to a neutral lead when facing in, looking at ways to connect with both the audience and the group. We’ll play with those amazing moments when you are totally in sync with your partners, and establish how to adapt when you are not. Collectively, you’ll be thinking on your feet and going with the flow in no time!
    • -OR-
  • ATS® Lead and Follow Relationship (Lisa Allred and Dawn Grey – Lecture)
    • The lead/follow dynamic describes the challenging non-verbal communication that plays out on the stage amidst nerves, technique idiosyncrasies, and egos. When it goes well, the audience is treated to a moving and engaging performance. Join Dawn Grey and Lisa Allred to explore: the role of leader (conscientiousness, servant leadership, the role of ego), the role of follower (attention, support, expecting the unexpected), establishing troupe values to support the lead/follow relationships, and disaster recovery!

Sunday 3:00pm-4:00pm – Dancing in Flow™ with Carolena

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