February 27, 2017



Participant Showcase

We are going to shake things up a little bit this year.  Instructors and participants will be performing to LIVE music on Friday night (by Helm) and recorded music on Saturday night.

Application deadline: September 1, 2017

If you are interested in performing, make sure you meet the basic qualifications below and submit your application by September 1, 2017 to diana@atsreunion.com. This is a juried show. We will notify you about inclusion within several weeks.

There are limited LIVE music spaces available, so apply early!!

Please include the following in your application.

  • Contact person first and last name, phone number, and email address
  • Performer or troupe name
  • Names of troupe members performing (if applicable)
  • Link to video sample and anything you would like us to know about it
  • Music for ATS® Reunion performance (if known) – include name of song, artist, and length
  • Will you be using props? If so, what?

Guidelines For Submissions

  1. We will prioritize ATS® troupes that are registered.
  2. We will give preference to troupes (this is ATS® after all).
  3. We will accept ATS® classic, modern, or movement dialect performances ONLY. Please do not submit fusion or cabaret performances.
  4. Your video sample must be representative of your proposed performance and include those who will be performing with you (e.g., if you plan to dance with a prop, please submit a video of you doing so).
  5. Performances may be up to:
    • Groups 3+ up to 8 minutes
    • Duets 5-6 minutes
    • Solos 3.5-4 minutes
  6. Sister Studio status of at least one member in the group will be given consideration (although not a guarantee of performance inclusion).
  7. As we approach the event, often times performances or performance groups change. You must notify the event producer if there is any proposed change to your performance including different dancers, addition of or change in use of prop, or music change. The event producer reserves the right to exclude performances that vary significantly from the juried application.
  8. If you miss any deadline related to the submission of necessary materials once selected to perform, you will be removed from the show.

You agree to:

  1. Meet all deadlines for submitting information and music.
  2. Participate in the Performer’s Facebook Group where you will receive up-to-date information regarding the show and your participation in it.
  3. Notify the event producer if there will be a change in the information provided when your performance was juried. We need accurate information to produce a professional show.
  4. Participate in the meeting with the Stage Manager, Tori Taylor at ATS® Reunion on Friday Jan 20 at 5 PM (after the last workshop is over).
  5. By agreeing to dance at ATS®Reunion, you and your troupe also agree that we can use your photo and video in our future promotional work including, but not limited to, ads, postcards, videos, etc.
  6. You and your troupe agree to sign a waiver of liability upon arrival at ATS® Homecoming holding harmless Terri Allred and Third Eye Tribal, LLC.

Lone Wolves Performance

We invite any solo Sister Studios to join the Lone Wolves collective.

Guidelines for Participation:

  1. You are a FCBD® Sister/Brother Studio.
  2. You are not performing with any other group, troupe or person at ATS® Reunion.
  3. You agree to be courteous of other dancers who are participating by allowing everyone the opportunity to go into the featured dancer group.

Paula Phillips will be coordinating this performance group. Please email her at pphill1@msn.com or Facebook message State Street Tribal by October 1, 2017 if you meet the above criteria and would like to participate in the performance.

For those dancers who want the opportunity to dance with other ATS® dancers from around the world, but do not fit those criteria, we will be having an open dance party on Thursday night during the reception and invite you to participate there!

Green Room Sponsored By

We are delighted to announce that we will have a green room for performers again this year! The Green Room will be sponsored by Shimmy by Fire. They will be providing mirrors, make-up wipes, and more comforts to help with your pre- and post-performance needs.

Remember that Diva Dreads is also available to help with any hair styling or fixing needs before your performance. Contact Brandi at divadreads2009@gmail.com to schedule a pre-performance styling.