March 17, 2017

Micro-Technique Clinic

Micro-Technique Clinic

Micro-Technique Clinic with Advanced Teacher Training Graduates

Shimmy not as big as you would like? Not sure of the foot pattern in the Sunanda? Floreo not fluid? If you wanted even more dancing and learning opportunities with Reunion and the ATS® Props Intensives, you could also consider enrolling in the Micro-Technique Clinic!

The Micro-Technique Clinic is a chance to sign up for a one-on-one lessons with one of the amazing Advanced Teacher Training Graduate Teachers. These teachers have the training and experience to help you take your dancing to the next level. You will get individual attention on the topic of your choice.

Click here to register for the Micro-Technique Clinic!

Participating ATT instructors:

  • Krisztina Naz-Clark
  • Jenn Kasper
  • Jen McDonald
  • Liz Malcom
  • Kelley Beeston
  • Heidi Wunder
  • Cyndi Elliott