March 17, 2017

ATS Props Intensive

ATS® Props Intensive

As if there were not enough workshops already, how about an additional set of Intensives on Thursday before the Opening Reception?


ATS® with Veil: Intermediate Veil

In this intermediate workshop, Terri Allred and Dawn Grey will help you take your veil improvisational skills for ATS® to the next level.  This workshop will include modifications to traditional ATS® fast and slow movements that allow you to showcase the veil along with some new dialect never before taught!  You will take your veil performance to a whole new level.  The concepts and movements taught in this workshop will be based upon the beginning veil taught in the ATS® with Props DVD.  If you haven’t taken a beginning veil workshop with Terri or via the DVD, then you need instructor’s permission to participate in this workshop.

Level Up! Badass Baskets 2.0 with Dawn Ruckert

Looking to add advanced options to your basket improvisation? Then this workshop is for you! Dawn will begin by reviewing basket holding options that work well when adding baskets to ATS®. Then, she will lead you through a series of slow and fast movements from the ATS® vocabulary demonstrating how to incorporate the basket with each. We will allow time for drilling each step alone and in groups. Level: Intermediate/Advanced and comfortable with moves from theFCBD® Vol. 4, Vol. 7, and Vol. 9 DVDs.

SuperBeth Fan Club: Intermediate Fan

Fans can be incorporated as a specialty or concept piece within your ATS performance set. Fans add a bit of spark and color and are an audience favorite! Super Beth will build upon what you already know with drills of the FCBD Volume 1 fast moves, and will lead you through a series of new fast steps and add some slow steps too that will showcase these colorful props. Dancers should have familiarity with the movements from the FCBD Volume 1, 4, 7, and 9 DVD. Expect a good upper body workout!

For this workshop, you will need 2 silk “flutter” fans, one for the RIGHT hand and one for the LEFT hand. You will need to request this specifically when ordering. These are the short fans, not the long “fan veils.” For examples of them, or to purchase them, go to

ATS® Double Sword Intensive with Melody Bustillos

In this workshop we will focus on the ATS® double sword dialect, applying the principles from the DVD “ATS on the EDGE” format. Included are enhanced moves and transitions that mirror concepts and compliment the slow ATS® vocabulary.  We will cover a few vocabulary combinations to create uninterrupted flow from one move to the next. We will engage in dance formation drills and leader changes. Come prepared to cover a lot of material. Handouts will be provided for notes and references. Requirements: Participants must bring two swords to the workshop. This will provide acute attention for individual needs as we run through content and drills. Participants must have a clear understanding of single sword handling in the slow ATS® format.

Props Intensive Schedule

  • 9-10:30 AM – Terri Veil
  • 11 AM -12:30 PM – Dawn Basket
  • 12:30-1:30 PM – Lunch break
  • 1:30-3 PM – Beth Fans
  • 3:30-5 PM – Melody Sword


  • $30 each A La Carte or $100 for the package of all four props intensives
  • Lunch is available for $25
  • Eventbrite - ATS® Reunion 2018