ATS® Reunion 2018: Home is Where the Heart Is

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Workshops and Classes

Seven workshop/lecture slots over three days with up to 5-6 choices per slot from three tracks (Classic, Modern, Traditional; Dialect, Props; Lecture), three morning warm-ups, two evening cool-downs, Dancing in Flow®, two shows, plus the opening reception and hafla

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Optional Meal Plans

Participants can add various Optional Meal Plans (including vegan and gluten-free options): All meals, Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, and/or Lunches for GS/TT

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General Skills and Teacher Training

General Skills is offered separately for four days before ATS® Reunion, and Teacher Training is offered for two days afterwards. If you’ve ever wanted to become a Sister/Brother Studio, this is the training for you.

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Vending, Hafla, and More

The Opening Reception and Hafla is held Thursday night. There are fantastic vendors, with excellent shopping throughout the weekend. And the Healing Room will feature yoga, reiki, massage, hot tea, and a place to relax.

January 18-21, 2018

KCI Expo Center, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

We are so excited you have decided to join us at ATS® Reunion this year. We have an amazing event planned for you. For our first year in Kansas City, we have decided to expand the conference to include: * General Skills (January 14-17, 2018) * ATS® with Props Intensive (January 18, 2018) * Micro-Technique Clinic with the Advanced Teacher Training Graduates (January 18, 2018) * ATS® Reunion (January 18- 21, 2018) and * Teacher Training (January 22-23, 2018). There are two registration options for ATS® Reunion this year: Full Weekend Package and A La Carte Registration. The weekend package is your best value including all plenary and concurrent workshops, warm up/cool down yoga, the opening reception, and performances. This year, there are several levels of optional meal packages so that you decide if you want specific meals included. If you want more flexibility not to attend everything, then A La Carte is the right choice. However, we do have limited space in some workshops and they may be sold out by the time A La Carte Registration opens on August 1.

  • Opens April 1

  • Extended to June 15!

  • Ends July 31

  • Opens August 1

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